Officers elections during one of the meetings

Some our members after officers elections


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Valentines Day with Art-Talkers

Veronica's speech

Anton in Table Topic session

Hot Timur's heart

Winner of competition

Table Topic

rules of competition by Yulia

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First steps, first meetings at the National Art Museum

any guests as always



We always have many guests.. also from other toastmasters clubs

Alex's speech



“…It was a fish … with eyes of such size as i show you”

Artem's speech



Vocal variety is very important for making really great speech

Yulia's ideas



Yulia always has fresh ideas and progressive plans

Lana is participant of Table Topic session



It’s great to see experienced toastmasters in our club

Role of Timer



The role of timer to have green, red and yellow cards and to watch over the time

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“Art-Talkers” picnic, August 20

Dear friends!

I’m happy to inform all of you that we actively continue to conduct our Art-Talkers meetings after the vacations break! Art-Talkers Club will continue its official work like all students and pupils studies in september. But our first after-vacations meeting we are going to conduct in non-standart and informal atmosphere – at picnic! Because its also great opportunity for all of us to share with others our impressions after these vacations, to discuss all new ideas how to develope and improve ourselves, generate fresh thoughts for making more exciting our future club meetings or just to relax and meet new friends!

This picnic will be organized this Sunday, August 20. The time of meeting – 13.00. The place of meeting – near hotel “Salut” (see the map with place of meeting below)
Place of meeting

Everybody is welcomed to join us! Dont miss this exciting and pleasant meeting! For more information please contact Yulia Usova ( or Jane Kokhan (

Jane, PR Expert Art-Talkers Club

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“Art-Talkers” team

Meet the members of our Art-Talkers Toastmasters Club!

These people want to improve their communication skills and to be better leaders, these people want to be fun and supportive group, these people want to be attracted to creative arts and to be aware of different cultural activities. And they do real steps to make their desires truth because they are Toastmasters … they are Art-Talkers!

Art-Talkers team consists of members and officers team. They all “art-members”, but officers have their additional responsibilities.

For today our officer’s team is as following:

  • President – Yulia Usova (
  • Vice President Education – Olga Pogorelova (
  • Vice President Membership – Roman Kiselyov
  • Vice President PR – Veronika Begun
  • PR expert (member of PR committee) – Jane Kokhan
  • Treasurer – Tatiana Kniazeva
  • Secretary – Maria Kapustyan
  • Sergeants at Arms – Timur Berezhnoy and Sergey Plyasov
  • Mentors – Victor Kozharniy, Aleksey Kononets and Olga Pogorelova

Our members (not in the officer’s team):

  • Alla Khoroshikh
  • Anna Shadschina
  • Alexander Gatsun
  • Gennadiy Melnyk
  • Michael Stensrud
  • Oleg Demchik
  • Lucy Povaliy
  • Victor Fursov
  • Sergey Grebenyuk

They all do their best to improve themself and to make our club stronger!

Jane, PR Expert Art-Talkers Club

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“Art-Talkers” history or what you should know about us!

Art-Talkers” Toastmasters club has their own history from the beginning of this year. ‘Art-Talkers” team is growing from day to day, and all members of club getting more and more experience from every meeting and develop theirs communication and leadership skills in supportive and positive learning environment. “Art-Talkers” meetings are open to all our friends, guests and newcomers. Every meeting we have new people who can enjoy pleasant communication with toastmasters and friends, participate in our Table Topic sessions and all other activities of the club.

If you‘ve seen somewhere the next symbol (which is the logo of club), you will know now that this is about ‘Art-Talkers” Toastmasters club:


Art-Talkers logo

Active functioning of ‘Art-Talkers” Toastmasters club started from their first meeting in January 2006 thanks to the founder (now the president of ‘Art-Talkers” club) Yulia Usova and the collaboration, great sympathy and interest of other toastmasters and friends.

During their not very long history Art-Talkers held their meetings in two places – for half a year at National Art Museum and also some meetings at “Kvartira Baboon” art-café.

Some historical notes about these meetings were placed in lifejournal at

Today ‘Art-Talkers” Toastmasters club is a part of great community of Kiev Toastmasters club, with their own features but general correspondence to the standards of the Toastmasters International!

Jane, PR Expert Art-Talkers Club

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