English, Art-Talkers and not only…

What is the best way to communicate with friends? By mobile, e-mails or tete-a-tete? And what to do if you’d like to combine helpful things with pleasure – to master your English and leadership skills and to find new friends? In this case the best way is to become a member of Art-Talkers Toastmasters International Club.

Yulia Usova, Art-Talkers’ President is sure that her new team which consists of bright personalities has already made several steps to success.

“It wasn’t difficult to persuade guys to join the Club”, Yulia says. “When they got to know how it works, and what an exciting journey is opening before horizon, each member made his or her decision to go forward. I’m excited when they try to choose the most interesting theme for presentations or table topic sessions”.

“Art-Talkers isn’t a college, though we learn how to improve our communication skills”, says PR-expert Jane Kokhan. “There are no teachers here and we give feedback on every speech”.

“I enjoy visiting Club and communicate with those who, on one hand, are bright and serious and on the other hand – vivacious and witty”, says Victor Fursov, UUPN member. “Besides my camera is always with me and I take the best pictures for Art-Talkers web site”.

“Being in love with English I never stop polishing it, even in my “golden age”, says Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN member. “Art-Talkers makes me be more creative and sincere, persuasive and confident. Of course, it takes time to prepare a perfect presentation, but the play is worth a candle and I do it with pleasure”.

The members of the Club are greatly thankful to Maria Zakharova, coordinator of UUPN for the opportunity to have meetings at the British Council. The latest one, which was held on September 1, was devoted to the beginning of the school year. Toastmaster Olga Yeryomina, playing brilliantly the teacher’s role, invited speakers “to the blackboard”. In presentation “I wish you were here” Yulia Usova encouraged the audience to choose the right way for improving public speaking. UUPN member Lyudmyla Povaliy shared her experience about marriage agencies in Great Britain in presentation “Love…Love?”. During table topic session guests and Club members gave one-to-two minutes speeches on summer vacations.

…In a week Art-Talkers will meet again. Step by step they will master their English and leadership skills. And the Club will help them to go forward.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN and Art-Talkers member

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