The Story of One Speech

Pepper, cucumber and cheese… or Do men like to cook?

The idea to make the presentation “Do Men Like to Cook?” came to my mind when Art-Talkers’ President Yulia Usova gathered the officers at the café “Vienna’s pastries”. We tasted the English cheese-cake, enjoying warm and cozy atmosphere at the café. Suddenly I remembered unforgettable months spent in Great Britain, where I polished my journalism.

Once our trainers took us to the small village of Hay-on-Why, which is famous throughout the world as a kingdom of bookshops. I don’t know why, but I decided to choose a cooking section, where men had been looking for recipes’ books. Actually, the British dont cook every day, but a weekend is an exception. It’s a great chance to show the family that a husband and a father is capable not only to earn money for the family but to make a salad, fried chicken and even a cake. And no one considers this task difficult or boring. On the contrary, kitchen helps them to relax after weekdays.

So, I prepared for the presentation, and finally decided to make a surprise for Art-Talkers’ members and guests.

“I’ll take some vegetables, bread, cheese and olives”, I said to myself, “and ask a man to make some sandwiches during my speech. He will help me to prove that men like to cook. It’ll be great!”

In the morning I put a plate, a fork, a spoon, cheese and olives into my bag, then washed vegetables and … instead of bag put them into the fridge. Automatically, through habit.

… Having come to the British Council half an hour earlier to “hide my surprise”, I opened my bag… Oh, my God! I was in shock! There weren’t vegetables there… I left them in the fridge!

Mariya Kapustyan, having seen my confusion, rushed to the metro and brought some vegetables.

Then during my speech Victor Fursov prepared very nice sandwiches – with cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and olives. I should say, he did it so professionally as if cooking was his hobby.

I’m very grateful to Art-Talkers members. They helped me to save my speech and make it colourful and exciting.

Lucy Povaliy, UUPN and Art-Talkers member

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