What is the recipe of Lyudmyla’ success?

Practice, training and public speaking…

    On behalf of Art-Talkers’ I’d like to greet UUPN member Lyudmyla Povaliy who not only delivered the most impressive speech at Toastmasters’ Autumn Ball, but was also highly recognized by the guest audience that brought her 2 awards – The wisest and the most artistic Toastmaster of 2006.
    When I proposed Lyudmyla to be a speaker at the Toastmasters International Autumn Ball she hesitated only for a moment, then took a deep breath and exclaimed: “Of course, I will! It was my dream!”
    At the Ball Lyudmyla made her prepared speech “Have you ever been a volunteer?” inspiring the audience to become volunteers and be helpful for the communities.
    “A year ago when I came to the 10th anniversary of Toastmasters as a guest, I couldn’t even imagine that in a year I would be awarded”, said Lyudmyla receiving certificates from Levon Petrosyan, area Governor. “Toastmasters Clubs in Kyiv and Art-Talkers, in particular, helped me grow as a person, develop new skills and discover my unique gift”.
    Lyudmyla’s talk is always stimulating and wonderful, her speeches “Once upon a time…”, “Love… Love?..”, “Do men like to cook?” are unexpected, unusual and sincere.
    After the Ball, very excited she confessed that her success started with a dream. I think the truth is that she created a special recipe – a recipe for success. The ingredients in that recipe are practice, training and public speaking.

Yulia Usova, Head of Kyiv Toastmasters’ Marketing Committee

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