Photos from Art-meetings, November 4 and 11

Every meeting in Art-Talkers club brings something new and fascinating to every participant. Bright personalities persuade and inspire us to be active and creative in our thoughts and actions, because only such attitude to life could help us to reach desired results. Some recorded moments from two meetings are below.

Jane Kokhan, VP PR of Art-Talkers TM Club

Romans' project

Natalias' small speach

Art-News by Lilia

Ah-counter Maria

Art-news by Kostya and Sergey

Tatianas' evaluation

Marias' Table Topic evaluation

Romans' evaluation

Brilliant paparazzi Victor

Yulia inspire the audience

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Helloween celebration

Dear friends, if you’ve been celebrating Helloween with Art-Talkers and Toastcrackers at Kyiv House of Scientists you wouldnt regret! But if you didn’t, the only thing remained is to see the photo-session of that event and start preparing yourself for the next celebration 😉
For more fotos, please visit the next page:


The horror of night

The monsters

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A Cup of Coffee… With Proverbs

   Every time when I read the announcement about Art-Talkers meetings, I can’t help thinking about our Club as a sweet home with friendly atmosphere, where we discuss various topics and share our knowledge. And what is more important, the Club members realize that Art-talkers is the place to grow.
   I’m not an experienced expert but I see how some members of the Club progress. For example, Mariya Kapustyan played perfectly Toastmaster’s role. Roman Isakov impressed us with his 2nd project “The Art of Living Differently”. An interesting art-news about World press Photo Exhibition shared with Art-Talkers memebers and guests Liliya Khalikova – after Roman Isakov’s presentation.

   While preparing for the role of Table Topic Master, I decided to make a surprise for Art-Talkers members and guests. I went to the store, bought 8 bags with instant coffee, found 8 proverbs in the book, printed them and stuck to the bags.LUCKY Coffee cup
   It goes without saying, that when you drink coffee, it makes your heart beating, blood flowing and concentrate. But when you take part in Table Topic Sessions, you need neither coffee nor tea. And it’s quite understandable because unprepared speech is more difficult than prepared one.
   So, the task for unprepared speech was to describe the meaning of the proverbs or to create any story. The coffee bag served as a bonus…
   Honestly saying, I didn’t expect that the task would be difficult for some speakers
Anyway, the play is worth a candle… At least, after the Table Topic session some new guests decided to become Art-talkers members, and those who didn’t succeed, realized that they should work more intensive – to read, speak and practice English.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN and Art-Talkers member

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Three ice-breakers at one meeting, Octoberber 28

Lilia as ice breaker

Table Topic master Roman

Maria with project#1

Oleg - Table Topic speaker

Table Topic session

Sergey with art news

Yulia's evaluation

Lucy 've taken two roles - Ah-counter and Table Topic evaluator

Tania - grammarian

Art-Talkers - work & study together

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Three Brilliant Ice Breakers

   Believe me or not, but Art-Talkers members were extremely impressed by 3 speeches conducted by new Art-talkers members. Honestly saying, we couldn’t even expect that they would choose unusual and extraordinary forms of speeches.Tolya&Masha's project
   Marina Kalyuzhnaya and Anatoliy Sosnovskiy (due to their friend and mentor Maria Kapustyan) presented project “To See the Elephant”, and though they were nervous a bit, Art-Talkers applauded them as it was a very really sincere.
Then we’d heard Liliya Khalikova’s “The Fairy Tale of My Life” and it seemed as if we had seen Cinderella – very charming and sweet girl who (despite her beauty) has a strong character.Lilia with her speech
   I should say that due to the possibility to conduct Art-Talkers meetings at the British Council, each Saturday new and new guests join us. Some of them had no idea about the Club and now they come again and again.
   After the meeting Art-Talkers President Yulia Usova brought the training video “Meeting Excellence” which she’d received from Toastmasters International headquarters (Washington D.C.) and the members had a chance to see how it should be during the meetings. It was really a fruitful video which gave us new ideas how to work further.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN member and Art-Talkers PR Expert

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