A Cup of Coffee… With Proverbs

   Every time when I read the announcement about Art-Talkers meetings, I can’t help thinking about our Club as a sweet home with friendly atmosphere, where we discuss various topics and share our knowledge. And what is more important, the Club members realize that Art-talkers is the place to grow.
   I’m not an experienced expert but I see how some members of the Club progress. For example, Mariya Kapustyan played perfectly Toastmaster’s role. Roman Isakov impressed us with his 2nd project “The Art of Living Differently”. An interesting art-news about World press Photo Exhibition shared with Art-Talkers memebers and guests Liliya Khalikova – after Roman Isakov’s presentation.

   While preparing for the role of Table Topic Master, I decided to make a surprise for Art-Talkers members and guests. I went to the store, bought 8 bags with instant coffee, found 8 proverbs in the book, printed them and stuck to the bags.LUCKY Coffee cup
   It goes without saying, that when you drink coffee, it makes your heart beating, blood flowing and concentrate. But when you take part in Table Topic Sessions, you need neither coffee nor tea. And it’s quite understandable because unprepared speech is more difficult than prepared one.
   So, the task for unprepared speech was to describe the meaning of the proverbs or to create any story. The coffee bag served as a bonus…
   Honestly saying, I didn’t expect that the task would be difficult for some speakers
Anyway, the play is worth a candle… At least, after the Table Topic session some new guests decided to become Art-talkers members, and those who didn’t succeed, realized that they should work more intensive – to read, speak and practice English.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN and Art-Talkers member

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