Happy New Year… Happy New Year…

     In a few days we all will cross the threshold of the New Year. And now we enjoy Christmas vacations in our toastmasters clubs and have time to celebrate this really special holiday with our friends and families, to get some physical and ethical energy and start the New Year with new ideas, plans and inspiration!
    Wish you all the best for the coming New Year and let it be even better than you wish in your dreams!

Best presents for you in this New Year

    Dear friends, please note that the next meeting in Art-Talkers club after Christmas vacations will be on January, 13 (the last NY’s celebration in our country) at the British Council library.          See you next year…

Jane Kokhan, Vice President PR of Art-Talkers TM Club

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Have you seen that inspiring competition?

    — Challenging? —Yes!
    — Exciting? — Yes!
    — What is it? — Art-Talkers’ Speech Contest!

    If I had been asked to write about Art-Talkers’ speech contest the day it was finished, I would have never done it. On Saturday, December 16, 2006 the impressions of the contest were fabulous and unbelievable.
    Art-Talkers’ President Yulia Usova inspired the contestants with such enthusiasm that even the members and the guests realized: it doesn’t matter what is better – to win or to lose. The more important is to take part in the contest and to prove that due to Toastmasters’ you improved public speaking skills.
    And all the contestants proved it. Victor Fursov’s speech “Letter to my son: ladybird on my hand”, Mariya Kapustyan’s “My dear friends”, Konstantin Orekhov’s “Nothing happens by chance” and Lyudmila Povaliy’s “Age is just a number…” were sincere and open. They spoke with confidence though one could only imagine what it meant to stand on the podium in front of the judges who analyzed your phrases, vocal variety, gestures…
    When the chief judge left the room to tabulate the results, Toastmaster Olga Pogorelova interviewed speakers about their occupations and interests for everybody to know more about the contestants, and the audience greeted them warmly.

    The winner of the contest – Lyudmyla Povaliy.
    The second place – Victor Fursov.
    And I should say, that there weren’t losers: all the participants were bright and brave, determined and persistent. They demonstrated their inner ambitions which helped them to overcome fright and fear. It means that their best speech will be tomorrow.

Jane Kokhan, Vice President PR of Art-Talkers Club

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Black & White in colors!

On Dec 17 the members and friends of Art-talkers club visited National Art Museum of Ukraine. There were 3 interesting exhibitions and the museum guide made a cruise over the different centuries and styles.Art-Talkers and friends at the museum
  Did you know that German BAUHAUS Institute brought a new stream in design that influenced art essentially at the beginning of 20-th century? Indeed, it gave the birth to commercial photography and opt-art.
  Did you know about the famous Ukrainian sculptor Lysenko who led a whole school of the sculptors ?
Indeed, now there are a lot of interesting sculptures by his students all over UkraineListening attentively
  The final exhibition of the paintings by Antonyuk made us smile and we were mesmerized by its beauty and Christmas mood! Look forward to meeting ART next year!


Yulia Usova, President of Art-Talkers TM Club

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From Barbie to High tech and…Cinema

     If you ask what inspires me to write stories for Art-Talkers web site, I’ll answer without hesitation: speakers and their speeches.Barbie
     Actually each Art-Talkers session is a new meeting with various kinds of art. At the Art-Talkers meeting December, 9 romantic and talented Sergey Plyasov prepared an exciting story about Barbie, and I’m sure that none of us knew the history of producing dolls before. Sergey supported his fairy-story with Barbie-dolls and impressed the audience by his openness and great desire to share his knowledge with us. At least I brought home bright Barbie’s pictures and stuck them to the wall.
     Yuriy Karabach’s first speech “About myself” was also unusual. He told us nothing from his biography but devoted his speech to art. And what is more important, he made us look at art from his own point of view. Though I’m not very strong in computer and mobile technology, I realized that we’re different, and if, for example, I prefer classical music, why not to adore the latest mobile model? Art is art.Art of modern mobile
     Tatiana Knyazeva who was Table Topic Master, invited members and guests to another kind of art – cinema. Her questions were like a new journey about old and modern films, comedies and tragedies. I greatly appreciate one of her questions: “What film do you suggest for the Art-Talkers to watch?” There were so many ideas – “Dead Poets’ Society”, “Island”, “Twelve Chairs”, “The Beautiful Mind” and others.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN member and Art-Talkers PR Expert

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Art-talkers meeting, November 25

Sergey November 25

Natali - November 25

Anatoliy - November 25

Jane, November 25

Guests and members - November 25

Maria - November 25

Sergey - November 25

Viktor - November 25

Olya - November 25

Guests at Art-Talkers - November 25

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The Speech Contest is coming…

Dear Toastmasters!
Toastmasters International has a special tradition – to organize an annual event, which is called International Speech Contest. What is the aim of this contest? Of course to choose the best speaker of all toastmasters!
Speech contest
Any competition should have some levels or should be divided on some stages. And Speech Contest is not exception. The first level is – to become toastmaster and to finish successfully 5 projects from CTM for the moment when Speech Contest is held. The second level is – to participate and win the Speech Contest in your Club. The third – to participate in the Ukrainian Speech Contest between all Ukrainian TM Clubs. Only after you’ve become a winner of the Ukrainian Speech Contest you could go to the USA to take part in International Speech Contest.
Are you in great interest now? So, be quick and active, because the Contest is in process already!
If you are still not ready to take an active part in this event, you are welcome to observe the contestants in different TM Clubs, to learn how it is conducted and how really look potential winners of the International Speech Contest 2007. The Calendar of Speech Contests in the Ukrainian Clubs is below:

Art Talkers Speech Contest 16.12.2006
AmCham Speech Contest 29.11.2006
EBA Speech Contest 18.12.2006
Toastcrackers Speech Contest 06.12.2006
TopTalkers Speech Contest 20.12.2006
Dnipro Hillls Speech Contest 17.12.2006
Best Odessa Speakers Speech Contest unspecified

It is time to use your skills and knowledge you already have and never late to get more and more…

Jane Kokhan, Vice President PR of Art-Talkers Club

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