Art-Talkers is a little child…

     But how bright he is!
     Though it was raining since early morning, January 13 Art-Talkers members didn’t stay at their homes but came to the meeting with great expectations: TM Club celebrated its first birthday.
     Despite the rainy weather the atmosphere in the Club was sunny and friendly – with smiles, laugh and sincere greetings. President Yulia Usova who organized Art-Talkers a year ago, inspired the audience to go forward in improving public speaking and leadership skills. Keeping a pine-apple tart with a candle Toastmaster Lyudmyla Povaliy sang “Happy Birthday, Art-Talkers!”.
     As a person who is fond of photography Roman Isakov presented his speech “The Birth of Photo”. To prove his hobby he demonstrated mini-exhibition of pictures.

     Creative Olga Pogorelova prepared unexpected surprise – it was performance dedicated to Art-Talkers birthday. The actors-muses who came to the meeting from ancient Greek, were not professionals but Art-Talkers members. And they brilliantly played the roles of muses – epic poetry and science, heroic poetry and history, astronomy and astrology, tragedy, lyric poetry and song, love and erotic poetry, comedy and idyllic poetry, sacred poetry, agriculture and pantomime, dance and dramatic chorus. The actors dedicated their presentations to Art-talkers members who are true friends of the Club and involved the audience into the performance. It was great!
     Then we applauded to Yulia who received the certificate from TM headquarters in Washigton D.C. for successful completion of 10 projects. Well done, Yulia!
     Victor Fursov made exclusive fragments of the anniversary on his digital camera and that will be the history of the Club.
     Those who ordered yellow T-shirts with Club’s emblem will wear them with pride.
     An hour later, sitting in a café, Art-Talkers shared their ideas about new events for 2007.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN member and Art-Talkers PR Expert

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