New year brought the new president…

        Many words were told, many tasks were completed during the first year of existence of the Art-Talkers club. Many events were happened and a lot of work was done. It was the year when all members of the club improved their public speaking and creative skills, and when many people contributed to the club success.
        No doubt, without a leader who manages the work of the club, any progress can’t be so certain and effective. That is why every Toastmasters club has such a leader, the President, as prescribed by the Toastmasters General Rules. Yulia Usova, the first President of the “Art-Talkers” Toastmasters International Club, created a wonderful team of the club officers and managed the club work in the best possible way. So, thanks to Yulia, we are proud that we are the “Art-Talkers” members.
        Though every member of our club wished Yulia to occupy her President’s position as longer time as possible, we should follow the Toastmasters rules, according to which a new President should be elected every year. That is why, on January 20, Yulia passed her duties to the new President, and now we are glad to announce that our new Leader and President is Lyudmyla Povaliy, UUPN active member and PR expert, who has got two awards at the Toastmasters International Autumn Ball 2006 in Kyiv and became the first place winner of the “Art-Talkers” Club contest 2006.
         Let’s wish our leaders that they have new opportunities, new possibilities and success in everything they do, and let’s wish ourselves that we properly appreciate their efforts and that we help them, because “Giving something to people, you’ll receive even more”.

Jane Kokhan, Vice President PR of Art-Talkers TM Club

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