Mock Trial turned into… amateur theatre

   “Thank you for your responsibility, perfect preparation and enthusiasm! My idea concerning the Mock Trial would be nothing without your support and resourcefulness!” – these warm words Olga Pogoryelova, “Art-Talkers” VP Education addressed the Club’s members who took part in the exciting performance based on Aesop’s fable “The Fox and the Crow”.Wolf Anatoliy
  …If you are fond of theatre and spontaneous speech, if you believe the amateur actors who speak and play English, this performance is just for you. Honestly saying, I was worrying before the event, but 2 teams prepared so brilliantly for the “fair fight” that it wasn’t difficult to find suitable synonyms for each hero: charming Crow (Maria Kapustyan), brave Squirrel (Maria Kaluznaya), wise Owl (Victor Fursov), shy Fox (Tatyana Knyazeva), self-confident Wolf (Anatoliy Sosnovskiy), honest shop-assistant Bear (Konstantin Orekhov) and creative attorney for the Fox (Sergey Plyasov).Fox Tatiana
     Guys prepared so many documents – “for” and “against” – that the detectives from Scotland Yard would envy their letters, notes, pictures, bills etc. During the performance I looked at the audience in the hall and realized that both guests and members were inspired by such an unusual Art-Talkers meeting. And it great! It means that we made a new step to public speaking.
  Great thanks also to fair Judge (Olga Pogorelova), firm Bailiff (Anna Zagornaya) and punctual Timer (Jane Kokhan) who coped with their duties perfectly.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, President of Art-Talkers TM Club

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