Back to 20s…

Art-Talkers know that Vice-President Education Olga Pogorelova can’t live without creative ideas which she usually implements into practice during Club meetings. Special non-standard art-meeting “Back to 20s!!!” proved her creativity and members’ talents.

Back to 1920s

After Olga’s introduction Sergey Plyasov presented the topic about culture under the title “Fine Arts in 20s”. Speaking about cinema Valeriya Orlova described the details of “Silent Movie in 20s”. Art-Talkers’ constant amateur actors – Mariya Kalyuzhnaya, Anatoliy Sosnovskiy and Yuriy Karabach – performed the scene from Bernard Shaw’s play. And finally, there was Tatyana Knyazeva’s brilliant acting in the topic about jazz in 20s of the last century. She impressed everyone by her clothes, music and manner of speaking. She was a true lady from 20s…
There were games during the meeting. I don’t know where Mariya Kapustyan and Jane Kokhan found those games which were played more than 80 years ago, but even nowadays they are fresh and exciting.

Lyudmyla Povaliy, President of Art-Talkers TM Club

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