A few months ago, the “Art Talkers” officers team decided to award one of its most active officers with some money to partially cover expenses for
participation in the District 59’s Spring Conference in Goteborg, Sweden, May 25 – May 27. It was decided that the most active officer should be chosen
by voting, and all members of the Club took part in the voting. As a result, Olga Pogoryelova, VP Education, was chosen to receive this award. She
prepared a written speech about her trip to Sweden and participation in the Goteborg Conference, and now you can read it below.
Though our Club was established not a long time ago (on January 14, 2006), we managed to award the most active officer with such money prize, and we
think that this is one of our best achievements. We hope that next year, we will be able to award another officer with the above prize.


Being a member of the Toastmasters Organization gives you a lot of opportunities, one of which is that you are able to visit Toastmasters conferences abroad and meet with toastmasters from different countries. A few weeks ago, in the end of May, I took such opportunity to visit the Toastmasters Conference in Sweden on May 25 – May 27, 2007. I was accompanied by another Ukrainian Toastmaster, Julia Shilo from the “Dniprohills” Club in Kyiv. The “Art-Talkers” Club partially covered the expenses for my trip, for which I say many thanks to all our members.
The Conference I was lucky to stay at was the Business Smart District 59’s Spring Conference conducted in Göteborg, a wonderful green city on the southwest coast of Sweden. (District 59 includes Toastmasters Clubs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark). The conference was organized by the Toastmasters of Scandinavia and the six clubs of Göteborg, and hosted 220 Toastmasters from 17 different countries.
Göteborg (also spelled as Gothenburg) is the chief seaport of Sweden, the second largest city, and the capital of Västra Götaland county of Sweden. The city was founded by King Charles IX in 1603. Göteborg is washed by the North Sea, and due to the Gulf Stream, it has a mild climate and quite a lot of rain. The archipelago of Göteborg consists of rough, barren rocks and cliffs. The population of Göteborg is amounted to 500 000 in the actual city and around 800 000 in the metropolitan area.
I really enjoyed my trip to Sweden and participation in the Göteborg Conference, and I hope that next year we will have a possibility to delegate another officer from our Club to a conference abroad.
Below are detailes about my trip and the Conference. In the section “Conference”, I presented my comments on contests and some educational sessions, which, I hope, will be interesting for you to read.


Olga Pogoryelova, Vice President Education of Art-Talkers TM Club

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