MY TRIP AND STAYING IN SWEDEN (Gothenburg, May 25-27, 2007)

Julia and I obtained Swedish visa for five days only, and of course it was too little time for sightseeing Sweden 😦 Nevertheless, we were sure that further to Göteborg, we should visit Stockholm at least! That is why we decided to take the flight to Stockholm, have a walk there for a few hours, and then, on the same day, take a night bus to Göteborg. When Julia and I arrived to Stockholm, it was about + 15 °C there, while in Kyiv it was about + 33°C that time! In Stockholm we met with Yulia Usova, the first president of the “Art Talkers” club, who currently lives and studies in Stockholm, and she was our guide in sightseeing this nice and very artful city. Stockholm, city center In Göteborg, we were accomodated by a friendly local Toastmaster, Maria Zätterman who lives in Västra Frölunda area not far from the city center. In Göteborg, it was about + 10-12 °C! Julia and I were so cold that we asked Maria to borrow us warm jackets, and weared them during our staying in Göteborg 🙂 These jackets were very useful for us, especially during boat tour of the city when our pleasant sightseing of the city with comments of our guide was accompanied by wind and rain 🙂
I noticed a few important things that are typical for Sweden and, in particular, for Göteborg. One of them is that there are a lot of trees and flowers, wonderful forests and lakes in Sweden, and Swedish people protect and take care of nature in their country. From childhood, they learn that they should keep their enviroment clean, and according to a school program, pupils often remove garbage from forests, parks and other natural areas. Stockholm, city center, a monument near Royal PalaceIn the area where we lived every house was surrounded by a garden with plenty of flowers, trees and shrubberies. Maria’s mother was our guide in this area, and we walked together through a beautiful clean forest and along the quay, and watched calm and kind North Sea. Another good thing I noticed in Sweden is that people there are very polite, and they care about calmness and silence in their enviroment, i.e., nobody talks too laud and too much so as not to disturb and irritate other people. I also like that all Swedish people speak English fluently, which makes foreigners feel comfortable and safe in Sweden.

Olga Pogoryelova, Vice President Education of Art-Talkers TM Club

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