Probably, you ve heard such statements as “All blondies are silly”, “Women’s logic”, “Men never cry”, “Men are more skilled in technics and science than women”, “If a person works at the same place more than 5 years, there is something wrong with this person”, “All sportsmen are fool”, “All men whose profession connected with art (stylists, fashion designers, etc) are homosexualists”, “Initiative to start relationship must always be taken by a man”, “Woman’s place is always at the kitchen”, “Men prefer bitch women”, “All musicians playing rock or heavy metal, and even those who like such music, wear long hair, use drugs and drink a lot of alcohol”. Do you know how such statements are called? 🙂 Yes, you are right! These are STEREOTYPES! There are a lot of them in the world, and we all consist of stereotypes at 50 %!!! 🙂 It is difficult to say for sure whether stereotypes are harmful or useful for us, it all depends on a certain situation. It is also hard to dete rmine who, when and why has created stereotypes and continues creating them. Nevertheless, the stereotypes are an inherent part of our life – that’s the point 🙂 On OCTOBER 20, Olga Pogoryelova, the ATM speaker, conducted a discussion concerning stereotypes. This discussion was prepared according to the requirements of the ATM manual titled “Discussion Leader”. Thanks to this project, all people present on the meeting had an opportunity to express their opinions!

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