Does routine kill creativity?

Doesn’t routine bother you much? Every day we should perform our job at our workplace, perform household work including washing dishes, preparing meals, doing the laundry, etc. Are you sure you will be ready to develop your creative skills through painting, reading a pleasant book, self-education, sewing, dancing, etc., after dealing with a lot of routine things? If your everyday job is connected with art, e.g., painting, creation of advertising, webdesign, music, fashion design, etc., is it difficult for you to create something new every day? Is it easy for you to perform a work connected with art according to the instructions of your boss or your client who imposes his/her own tastes and preferences on you? These questions and many other questions concerning ROUTINE AND CREATIVITY were discussed during debate in the Art-Talkers on OCTOBER 27. Two teams practiced their arguing skills: the affirmative team (Ira Zhurakovskaya, Lilia Khalikova, Masha Kalyuzhnaya) argued that routine does kill creativity, while the negative team (Ira Nikolaenko, Masha Kapustyan, Kostya Orekhov) refuted the arguments of their opponents and tried to persuade the audience that routine no way kills creativity. There were a lot of opinions, and both teams shown good level of preparation and performance. The negative team was the winner of the debate, but, as you understand, the question of routine and creativity is still pending :)) So… what about your own attitude towards routine and creativity in your life?

Olga Pogoryelova,  Art-Talkers TM Club

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  1. The topic is quite trendy on the Internet right now. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write about?

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