The best tips for Santa Claus

Is he that small fat creature who fries himself in a fireplace on a Christmas eve? Why he is not a woman? Why he wears that old clothes? Is he married? Why he still leaves in Finland ? Does he need a suncream when he goes to the hot countries? Does he have twin brothers? Why he cannot learn a proper way to enter the house? Why he has never got a Nobel Peace Prize ? Does he need a jet instead of rain deers to be on time? Is he working all year around? Does he have the intellectual presents for children? Does he have a working permit and pay taxes? When he has a vacation? Who is Santa?

These and many other not less important issues were risen during the Table Topic Speech contest at Stockholm International Toastmasters club that took place on a cold evening Dec 12 2007.  

Being honored to serve as a judge I was quite intrigued by the procedure of Table Topic contest since we had only regular speech contests. However, there is always something new to learn at Toastmasters.

During the contest all competitors got one and the same topic to elaborate on. Naturally, to make the chances equal, all competitors who haven’t spoken yet had to wait outside the room until they were called in by the President Igor Soloviev who served as a butler.What a tough task – to judge … and count, when you have so many talented and creative speakers! Sometimes, you thought – they knew it! They knew the topic and prepared everything in advance (even Santa’s hat!).

After all competitors have spoken, there was short time for judges to make their verdict. And believe me, there were no those who lost – all members and guests benefited something from the meeting. However, three winners were announced and have got their prizes from the club.

Finally, the wonderful evening ended with pepparkakor and a traditional Swedish Xmas drink – glogg warmed up by the cheering and welcome atmosphere of the meeting.

Do not know what GLOGG is? – immediately email your fellows from Stockholm International Toastmasters and ask for the recipe or … plan a visit to Stockholm (

Yulia Usova, Immediate Past President Art-Talkers TM Club

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