Who are genious people? Is genious a God gift that falls to only one person among thousands, or is it originally hidden inside each of us, and if circumstances are favourable, everybody can become a genious? No doubt that genious people considerably differ from ordinary or so called “normal” people. So, it follows that genious is anomaly, isn’t it? If so, does it mean that genious is a kind of illness? And where is the boundary between normality and illness, and between insanity and genious? On March 22, 2008, one of our new members, Iryna Rymar delivered a CTM speech with the title: “Genius and disease: a look through illness”. The speech was very interesting and unusual. Ira made a good research, presented facts and arguments related to the topic, she used visual aids perfectly, and, in the end, she made a psychologic analysis of impromptu paintings prepared by some of our members. According to the idea of Iryna’s speech, many genious painters suffered from mental and physical diseases, and their diseases affected their paintings. For example, Claude Monet suffered from cataracts formed on his both eyes, for which he underwent two surgeries in 1923. The paintings done while the cataracts affected his vision have a general reddish tone, which is characteristic of the vision of cataract victims. After his operations he even repainted some of these paintings, with bluer water lilies than before the operation. There has been much debate over the years as to the source of Vincent Van Gogh’s mental illness and its effect on his work. Thus, according to many theories, use of yellow color in his paintings was caused by his illness. Over 150 psychiatrists have attempted to label his illness, and some 30 different diagnoses have been suggested. Diagnoses which have been put forward include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, syphilis, poisoning from swallowed paints, temporal lobe epilepsy and acute intermittent porphyria.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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When guests become members…

Each Saturday, when we meet at the British Council, I see new and familiar faces of guests. Some of them come to the meeting for the first time, others join Art-Talkers meetings regularly. During Table topic sessions we try to involve them into impromptu speeches. Though none of guests refuse to speak, it’s easy to notice how young people are worrying. Of course, it’s not easy to speak in front of the audience. It takes time to become confident.
Having realized it, some guests have become Art-Talkers members. And what is more important, some of them have already delivered their first ice-breaking speeches. They even try to take part in debates. What does it mean? Our Club is growing and becomes stronger.

Lucy Povaliy, President of the Art-Talkers TM Club

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Wish Liliya and Natasha success in All-Ukrainian contest

Spring 2008 has already come. Sometimes it seems we have time to relax. But we haven’t. All-Ukrainian speech contest is coming soon. It’s planned on April 13.Two of Art-Talkers members – Liliya Khalikova and Natalia Govda – who won the 1st and 2nd places in the Club contest will deliver their speeches in All-Ukrainian contest. The competition is expected to be an exciting event. Imagine! 12 speakers and only one winner!
We can only imagine how nervous our girls are. But despite their nervousness we are sure that their speech projects will inspire both members and guests to move forward in public speaking. Let wish them success!

Lucy Povaliy, President of the Art-Talkers TM Club

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Yellow daffodils are blooming…

Dear Art-Talkers! Do you hear the wind of spring? Have you noticed how many daffodils are in the market? What does it mean? Women’s day? Yes! Love? Exactly! Hope? By all means!
I like yellow colour. I adore yellow tulips and daffodils, roses and daises. When I was in Wales, I saw fields of daffodils there. They were of different colour: deep orange, creamy white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, butter yellow. Daffodils were planted in large groups and flowed like yellow river…
Do you know why I mentioned this bright colour? Yellow light gives me energy and inspiration. And I feel that each of us – both young girls and boys, men and women – need the colour of sun: warm, sensitive and with the smell of spring…

Lucy Povaliy, President of the Art-Talkers TM Club

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Though it is spring only, it’s high time for all the members and officers of our Club to think about summer elections. I should say that everybody has a unique chance to test his/her abilities and leadership skills.
We are a good team all together. If you didn’t feel yourself uncomfortable, it means that officers’ team worked like a strong chain. We tried to create friendly surrounding in the Club. We visited museum in the open air “Kiev in miniature”, played volleyball near the Dnipro, enjoyed folk and organ music, celebrated Christmas…
Would you like to improve officers’ duties? Do you feel potential to be an officer, President? What is your leadership program? Are you familiar with web site? Are you ready to be a good mentor? Are you interested in Club growth? Who of you wants to be a secretary of Art-Talkers or sergeant-in arms?
Dear friends! I inspire all of you to think about your active participation in Club affairs. Are you ready to move forward in leadership?

Lucy Povaliy, President of the Art-Talkers TM Club

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DEBATE IN THE ART TALKERS, February 23, 2008

Debate is one of the most beloved activities in our club. Through debating, we develop not only public speaking skills, but also logical thinking and arguing skills, which are oviously necessary for many professionals, e.g. lawyers, teachers, managers, etc. In our club, debates are a combination of prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and discussion, and they are always exciting both for participants and for listeners.
On February 23, we conducted the debate with the statement “ALL KINDS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MUST BE RESTRICTED BY THE FOLLOWING ETHICAL PRINCIPLE: “The risk to the life and physical and social welfare of individuals involved in a scientific research must not exceed the potential value of the results of the research. Interests of an individual or a certain group of individuals involved in a scientific research must be recognized as being of more importance than interests of all humanity in obtaining a theoretical or practical knowledge“. It was a real challenge to debate such a statement. The problem of ethic in science is very serious, very difficult to solve, and, of course, is difficult to debate, especially for those people who are not engaged in scientific activity. Nevertheless, we chose such topic, because during our preparation and during the debate and discussion, we discovered a lot of new facts and information which are really useful for us. The main issues arisen during the debate concerned relationships between doctors and patients, non-consensual experiments on human, and genetically modified food. As a result of secret voting by the listeners, the affirmative team (Graham Seibert, Konstantin Orekhov, Iryna Zhurakovska), i.e. the team who argued that the statement for the debate was true, received one more vote than the negative team (Maria Kalyuzhnaya, Andrey Valyukh, Olga Pogoryelova), and therefore, the affirmative was the winner. The feedback was presented by a special guest, Kateryna Yablochkova, certified trainer of the international debate educational association, trainer of the debate club “Pandora”.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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Can you imagine your life without mass media? Nowadays it is very hard to find a person who does not read any printed or online press and does not watch TV. Mass media is one of the greatest inventions of human civilization, and it is a real ART we need every day. Isn’t it wonderful? Probably yes, but … Have you ever thought about the quality of services provided by the mass media? Have you ever realized that information we receive from the mass media is often does not correspond to the reality and can even cause a damage to us? Haven’t you observe how mass media affects people’s opinion and creates a lot of stupid stereotypes? That is why many people do not believe that the mass media provide the true information, and it is really a difficult question how to avoid or at least to lower the number of cases of false and wrong information in the mass media. These issues were arisen during the panel discussion titled “What should be done to improve the quality of the mass media?” conducted by Olga Pogoryelova under ATM project Discussion Leader”. The panelist (speaker) Iryna Zhurakovska delivered a speech related to the problem of educational level of journalists, Graham Seibert told about bias in the mass media, and Maria Kapustyan presented a speech concerning influence of mass media on people’s minds. Then, the panelists answered the questions from the audience. In the end, based on the opinion of the panelists and that of the audience, we made a conclusion that the best way to protect ourselves from negative influence of biased mass media is to raise our own educational and cultural level to be able define what is right and what is wrong.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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On January 13, 2008, our club celebrated its birthday. Our child is already two years old! We presented a special artful gift to our club. This year, it was performance of a small play “A gift for Ded Moroz (Father Frost)” created by Olga Pogoryelova. The idea of the play is that Ded Moroz works hard during the whole year to fulfil people’s wishes. He collects the wishes during the New Year and Christmass nights, and then fulfils them in turn. Ded Moroz, being invisible to human, comes to people in proper time and whispers to them useful pieces of advice to inspire them to do actions that result in fulfilling their wishes. One day Ded Moroz receives a letter from an old man who wants to present a special gift to him, namely, to fulfil Ded Moroz’s cherished wish. Ded Moroz, who has never received gifts before, soon discovers that the old man wants to present him his own human life from the birth till the death, and for that the old man agrees to substitute Ded Moroz in performing his duties for eternity. Ded Moroz agrees with the proposal of the old man, because human’s life, even with its deficiences, is the most precious thing in the world, and in fact, Ded Moroz really dreamed to become a human. The actors were: Victor Fursov (Ded Moroz), Mustafa Bas (Old Man), Olga Pogoryelova, Iryna Zhurakovska, Konstantin Orekhov, Olga Bosenko, Graham Seibert.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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The training was designed as so-called “theatre-forum” and was conducted by Olga Pogoryelova. The training included a few small performanced by our members, as well as a few actor’s excercises useful for the development of the orator’s skills. The “theatre-forum” or “threatre of problem situations” is very interesting and useful activity both for participants and for the audience, it’s actually a combination of actor’s improvisation, table topic and discussion. Actors perform the situation twice, and during their second performance, spectators can interrupt actors and offer new actions, new phrases, and even more actors to change the development of the situation and solve the problem. Then, the trainer makes conclusions and announces the most appropriate outcome of the situation as proposed by the audience. On December 15, three problem situations were performed, the actors were Iryna Zhurakovska, Alyona Chirva (situation “Friends and money”), Sergey Plyasov and Konstantin Orekhov (“Friends and offensive jokes”), and Kateryna Zarembo and Lucy Povaliy (“Friends working in the same company”).

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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