DEBATE IN THE ART TALKERS, February 23, 2008

Debate is one of the most beloved activities in our club. Through debating, we develop not only public speaking skills, but also logical thinking and arguing skills, which are oviously necessary for many professionals, e.g. lawyers, teachers, managers, etc. In our club, debates are a combination of prepared speeches, impromptu speeches and discussion, and they are always exciting both for participants and for listeners.
On February 23, we conducted the debate with the statement “ALL KINDS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MUST BE RESTRICTED BY THE FOLLOWING ETHICAL PRINCIPLE: “The risk to the life and physical and social welfare of individuals involved in a scientific research must not exceed the potential value of the results of the research. Interests of an individual or a certain group of individuals involved in a scientific research must be recognized as being of more importance than interests of all humanity in obtaining a theoretical or practical knowledge“. It was a real challenge to debate such a statement. The problem of ethic in science is very serious, very difficult to solve, and, of course, is difficult to debate, especially for those people who are not engaged in scientific activity. Nevertheless, we chose such topic, because during our preparation and during the debate and discussion, we discovered a lot of new facts and information which are really useful for us. The main issues arisen during the debate concerned relationships between doctors and patients, non-consensual experiments on human, and genetically modified food. As a result of secret voting by the listeners, the affirmative team (Graham Seibert, Konstantin Orekhov, Iryna Zhurakovska), i.e. the team who argued that the statement for the debate was true, received one more vote than the negative team (Maria Kalyuzhnaya, Andrey Valyukh, Olga Pogoryelova), and therefore, the affirmative was the winner. The feedback was presented by a special guest, Kateryna Yablochkova, certified trainer of the international debate educational association, trainer of the debate club “Pandora”.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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