Can you imagine your life without mass media? Nowadays it is very hard to find a person who does not read any printed or online press and does not watch TV. Mass media is one of the greatest inventions of human civilization, and it is a real ART we need every day. Isn’t it wonderful? Probably yes, but … Have you ever thought about the quality of services provided by the mass media? Have you ever realized that information we receive from the mass media is often does not correspond to the reality and can even cause a damage to us? Haven’t you observe how mass media affects people’s opinion and creates a lot of stupid stereotypes? That is why many people do not believe that the mass media provide the true information, and it is really a difficult question how to avoid or at least to lower the number of cases of false and wrong information in the mass media. These issues were arisen during the panel discussion titled “What should be done to improve the quality of the mass media?” conducted by Olga Pogoryelova under ATM project Discussion Leader”. The panelist (speaker) Iryna Zhurakovska delivered a speech related to the problem of educational level of journalists, Graham Seibert told about bias in the mass media, and Maria Kapustyan presented a speech concerning influence of mass media on people’s minds. Then, the panelists answered the questions from the audience. In the end, based on the opinion of the panelists and that of the audience, we made a conclusion that the best way to protect ourselves from negative influence of biased mass media is to raise our own educational and cultural level to be able define what is right and what is wrong.

Olga Pogorelova, Art-Talkers TM Club

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