Notes of our May 31 meeting


Art Talkers had its first meeting in our summer location, the Coffee Theater.  The turnout was gratifying.  We filled the place.   Toastmaster Liza Korotchenko had a full slate of speakers and evaluators.  YUlia Usova brought a special guest speaker, Kent Hansen,who is here researching an art project promoting innovative ideas in parking.  He came to the right place; choose the appropriate sidewalk café for a Kiev dinner and you can have a Bentley as your centerpiece.


Vasiliy Topolyuk introduced himself his icebreaking speech.  Throwing up when he was a kid riding in an airplane with his dad, blowing up stuff in a science lab, and then growing up to become an automobile racer. Guy stuff.  Valentina Karabaeva followed with a speech about the danger of stereotypes.  She hates that all guys characterize blondes as dumb.  No, in fairness, she gave a balanced speech, saying that stereotypes can be quite useful. Your stereotype of firemen comes in handy if smoke is coming from your apartment.  Perhaps inspired by YUlia’s plea last week, Anna Zagornaya chose a topic related to art: The Creation Process, and of course the creative mind.


Alex Kononets chose a novel format for Table Topics.  He got YUlia, Marina, Kent and then guest Julia, another artist friend, to talk about themselves in the format of a television interview.  They offered some interesting perspectives.  When mistakenly referred to as a Swede, Kent joked that of course Denmark is the capital of Sweden. 


The meeting closed with reminders of our ongoing support for the orphanage, and that proceeds from Levon Petrosian’s training tomorrow will likewise go to its support.  We look forward to seeing you next Saturday.



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