July 12. “Play it by ear” was the word of the day

“Play it by ear” was the word of the day, and it is fairly applicable to Toastmasters meetings in the summertime. Lots of people are gone, and Maria Kapustyan, our Vice President of education seems to have to work extra hard to put together a program.

None of this difficulty was on display at the actual meeting. Today’s meeting was well attended and flowed beautifully. Graham Seibert served as Toastmasters. Julia Kostereva delivered an icebreaking speech that had us rolling in the aisles. She told an amazing, huge, and embarrassing lie as a girl, and was caught up in that lie in the way justice demands. It changed her life! An artfully told story, and an auspicious entry into our club.

Lucy Povaliy is always a delight to listen to. She talked about Paul McCartney, but as Tania Knyazeva accurately noted in her evaluation, what Lucy really talked about was the evolution of herself and Ukrainian society during the 50 years that Paul has been making music. The speech was well crafted, and as always poignant, touching our hearts.

One would have never guessed that Olga Pogorelova was assigned the task of Table Topics Master only five minutes before the meeting. She has done this before! Her theme of color worked beautifully, and as one might hope in this club, employed an artistic theme.

Yuri Karabach spoke of the colors of the approaching weekend, and the hellish dark Saturday that would follow if the correct deities were not acknowledged on Friday. Liz drew the connections among flowers, colors, and emotions. Olga asked Anna Zagornaya, a painter, to talk about colors in that medium. We learned a surprising fact: Green is a terribly difficult color for artists to manage. Hari and Tania completed the bill.

We wrapped up more or less on time, and after the meeting four members headed to an orphanage in Fastov. You can see pictures of our meeting at

And pictures of the orphanage visit at

These pictures are on two different sites because we seem to be caught in a technology transition. Yahoo is the old standard for posting photos on the web, but Google’s Picasa seems like a better bet. Please let Graham know your experience with these two sites. You may need to join Yahoo to see the meeting pictures; there should be an invitation waiting in your mailbox.

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