ArtTalkers is a Distinguished Toastmasters Club

ArtTalkers is a distinguished Toastmasters club.  Lucy Povaliy presented the ribbon, earned during her presidency, to Tania Knyazeva.  Tanya then explain to us how a club or earns such distinctions.  There are several factors, among them the number of new members, the number of members who had advance to new levels by completing ten speeches within a year, and punctuality and paying dues to the international.

Yuri speaks on PAEI

Yuri speaks on PAEI



Yuri Karbasch spoke on a business book which had transported him.  The theme is that every business needs a producer, an administrator, an entrepreneur, and an integrator.  The producer is rather like an executive, the administrator makes sure that it operates effectively, the entrepreneur is on the lookout for new directions, and the integrator ensures that all of the parts work smoothly together.  The key insight is that it is rare for one individual to embody all of these abilities.  The business usually depends on multiple leaders who complement each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses.


You know a table topic session is successful when every speaker rises to the occasion.  It is doubly so when it’s so aptly reflects the purpose of our club.  Olga Pogorielova asked six members to argue both sides of three questions concerning art.  Should it be subject to government censorship?  Should it be funded by government?  Should it be promoted by government?  She concluded by asking a professional artist, Yulia Kostereva, to give her opinions on all three questions.


Just as we have adjusted to the very unique acoustics at the Center for Contemporary Art, summer is drawing to a close.  We will meet there on the 16th, skip a week for Independence Day, and meet again on the 30th.  After that we will probably be back at the British Council.



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