September 6 Meeting Notes

Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”  ArtTalkers never seems to have a short meeting.  With only one scheduled speaker, we still managed to fill our time beautifully this lovely Saturday morning. 


As has been true all summer, people continued to arrive after the meeting and started and we wound up with a pretty appreciable crowd for a beautiful Saturday morning in late summer.  You can see it in our pictures


Olga Pogorelova filled in as president and also served as timer.  Choosing as are our ah-counter Valya, who just got her degree in education, fit Toastmaster Sergei Obukhov’s “back to school” theme perfectly.  Yuri was our grammarian.


Since he was the only scheduled speaker, Graham Seibert asked for a couple of extra minutes to explain his philosophy of PowerPoint.  He then used it to lead us through a presentation about his month with the Kayapó Indians in the Amazon Valley.


Liz Korotchenko chose “the future” as her table topics theme.  Sergei Plyasov presented his vision of the world in 2050.  Ukraine may or may not be here, but Ukrainians will!  Our guest from Toastcrackers, Zhenia (Eugene?) got what appeared to be as easier question: what would his own future be like?  He has explored several alternatives in three universities and it sounds as though he will be as surprised as anybody at where he finds himself in 20 years.  Lucy is sure that the club will thrive and grow, though she is not sure how long she will be able to stay with us.  Nastya got an interesting question: “does the future belonged to people who believe in their dreams?”  Yes, as long as they dream the right things — friendship and peace.  Lastly, Anya’s guest Alexei offered a positive view of the world many years from now, a world of collective consciousness, higher spiritual values, and greater happiness.


Alexei and Lucy spoke on “Art news,” upcoming art shows.  Lucy recommends that we read Afficha and What’s On, and she gave a glowing account of the art show currently at the Fulbright office, Khrushchevskovo 4.  Graham added that each presentation lasts a month; there will be a new show opening October 3.


Olga reminded us that we pay our dues in September.  It amounts to $36 for six months, payable to our Treasurer, Yuri Karabach.


After the evaluations, we adjourned.  Just in the nick of time, as always.

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