September 13 meeting notes

With Tanya still on the road, Olga presided over the meeting, with Lucy serving as Toastmaster.  She fills that role extraordinarily well.  We had four guests: Славик, Денис, Елена and Оксана.


Ekaterina Mezentzeva’s icebreaking speech did exactly what it should.  It told us who she is, where she is from, and what she is looking forward to in the future.  She was born on Valentine’s Day and 14 is her lucky number.


Valentina Karabaeva’s seventh speech focused again on the differences between men and women.  The seventh speech emphasizes research, and she had done her is thoroughly!  She had wonderful quotes and poems, as well as citations from learned journals from Harvard and elsewhere.  Her bottom line is that men and women are different.  We need to understand the differences, overcome them and learn to love them.


Yuriy chose technology as the theme for our table topics. 


First he asked Graham whether or not the Internet represented a threat to society.  Yes!  concurred Graham.  It is just like Valentina said in her talk.  Men and women have a hard enough time getting together in person.  Physically isolating ourselves in our bedrooms as we communicate by blogs does not represent social progress.  It shields us from the hard work of getting along with other people, especially people of the opposite sex.


Next he asked Masha whether or not cell phones represented real progress.  That is a hard question to think about; they’re such an integral part of our lives.  Masha discoursed well on the pros and cons, and concluded that on the whole they are good thing.


Kostya was unequivocal on the value of television.  It is terrible.  He called it the stupid box.  It wastes our time.  He says that children should not be exposed to it until they are at least seven years old, time enough to develop some resistance.


Olga doesn’t use an alarm clock.  They’re not a bad thing; they’re not a good thing.  To her they’re not a necessary thing.


Lucy told us she is devoting a lot of effort to finding a new place to meet.  Encourage everybody to keep an eye on the website for a new meeting location.  And that was the end of the meeting.  Well-organized and on time.

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