A Promising Star in Ukrainian Art


You would never imagine. In her short 25 years, Kateryna Kudryavtseva, a member of the Ukrainian Union of artists, has made huge progress in painting. Her landscapes are so true to the character of Ukraine , that while you look at them, you feel the author’s rich emotional makeup.


We met in Kiev , at the Fulbright office, where kids pictures were exhibited in a collection. To be honest, I expected to see a woman of some years, but to my great surprise I saw a fresh young lady with a charming smile.


“How did she manage to create these masterpieces?” I asked myself as I looked in admiration at the pictures. “How can you perfect such marvelous technique in such a short time?”


But engaging Kate in conversation, I realized that she is mature beyond her years, and highly driven..


“I never lie,” she said, I’m honest while making sketches or final touches on the canvas. In my pictures I express my thoughts and feelings”.


Kate started drawing as a childhood, and has never stopped. She took part in national and international exhibitions for young painters.  In 2007 she won the 2nd place in the contest De Ribas”, organized by the government of Spain , and you may see some of her pictures in one of the galleries at Andriyivskiy Uzviz.


Inspiration, technique and, what is more important, Kate’s talent with colours, the ability to draw out the chromatic richness in Ukrainian woods and fields, to depict her broad horizons in art, and to capture a glimpse of rising sun are really fantastic.


“I’m very interested in what people think about my pictures”, she said. ” Those, who are around, always give me their honest opinion. And it works”.


“What is the secret of your success?” I asked.


“There’s no secret at all. I can’t imagine my life without canvas and oil”.


Lyudmyla POVALIY,


Lyudmyla Povaliy

Art-Talkers Past Immediate President

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