Meeting notes for October 18

Our president Tatiana Knyazeva chose an autumn theme as Toastmaster today. We think of change, and our mortality is brought to mind by the falling of the leaves and the coldness in the air.

Oksana Fedorinenko told us about herself in her icebreaker. Modestly enough, she said 22 years doesn’t give you the vast amount of material about which to speak. Still, she has managed to spend six years in college and get her degree in computers and cybernetics while holding down a job.

Elizaveta Korotchenko held us in suspense for seven minutes as she talked about folk dancing in Italy, Ireland, and Ukraine. There are apparently two versions of the Tarantella, one of which is a stately dance, and the other frenzied attempt to ward off tarantulas. We also learned that in Ireland the English and Irish landlords used to get together and have balls at which their servants would dance. Good as they were, there were no professional dancers among them, three centuries ago.

Lilia Khalikova told a sad story of an artist’s unrequited love here in Kiev. The poor man was invited down from Russia to fulfill a commission, fell in love with his sponsor’s wife, but found his great disappointment that she was loyal to her husband and her husband to her. He lost his commission, went mad, and died early.

As table topics master, Lucy Povaliy brought a bag of tricks. Bartlett’s quotations, a picture, a decorated jar of seeds, and a copy of “the picture of Dorian Gray.” Kostya, but figuratively knock the ball out of the park in last week’s table topics, amazed us again. He remembered the book very well, and was able to describe the moral of the story as if he had rehearsed the speech a dozen times. Mustafa Bas, Graham Seibert, and Anna Zagornaya offered credible performances, but stood in Kostya’s shadow.

Kostya also delivered our only bit of art news, a presentation tomorrow on engineering and design.

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