Our first meeting at the Art Library, November 8

Art Talkers Toastmasters meeting Saturday, November 8, 2008. Tanya Knyazeva presided over the first meeting in a trial location, the Art Library, Povitroflotskiy Prospect 10. Getting there was not difficult. Kostya and I made a short walk from the Vokzalna Metro.


The physical layout is interesting, presenting both challenges and advantages. We shared the room with a few library patrons on computers. The people at the library, led by Svetlana, were the picture of courteous hosts. The chairs/desks are arranged a little bit irregularly, designed for library research and not for meetings. It was a bit of a trick to navigate through them, and we were sitting little bit further apart than we normally do. We were pleased to have several members of Toastcrackers with this, including Sergei, Artem, President Timur, and past president Olga, who served as grammarian.


We made a pretty good demonstration for the staff of the library. There was only one prepared speech, by Liz Korotschenko. She spoke on the Picture of Oscar Wilde to describe Oscar Wilde’s rather wildlife. His amazing gift with words became evident when he was a student at Trinity College. Although he had no lady love himself, when his classmates found what a wonderful writer he was, he soon had a brisk business writing letters to their girlfriends. It eventually succeeded for him as well, and he married and had a couple of children. The product of an unhappy childhood, he wasn’t given to fatherhood, left his wife and fell into an affair with a young man, which led to his spending time in jail on a morals conviction and a rather ruined life.


Yulia Usova gave a talk entitled art and business, in which she discussed the many relationships that are possible between businesses and artists they choose to support. They can sponsor individual artists, sponsor museums, sponsor collections, and use art in their business. Graham Seibert was Table Topics Master asking. His topic was Aesop’s fables, and he read for fables and asked our guests to respond to them.


We will be back at the art library next week, and there is a strong possibility it will become our permanent meeting place.



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