January 17 we celebrated our 3rd anniversary

Today ArtTalkers celebrated its third anniversary as a club. Our speaker, Timur Berezhnoy, working from the advanced manual, performed a wonderful telling of a classic Russian short story, “Capitalist.”

Yulia Usova chose a table topics theme celebrating the founding of the club three years ago, in which she was instrumental. She asked every attendee to write a card expressing birthday wishes to the club using their left hand only. Each member in turn arose to describe their left-handed compliments to the founders and their best wishes for the future of the club.

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January 10, 2009, The New Year at the Art Library

There art library is a bit hard to find.  As good as our programs have been this fall, we do not have as many people as we used to at Kiev Mogilya.  We make up for quantity with quality.  After today’s outstanding meeting, President Tania Knyazeva told us that she felt it was time to look for another location, which we will do next week.


Tania opened the meeting and Lucy Povaliy served as Toastmaster.  We had four guests.  Mark Taylor, whom everybody knows, Svetlana, a friend of Masha Kapustyan, and two friends who are students in the 10th form, Lera and Miraslava.  They were brave enough to serve as timer and ah counter.


Graham told us about his favorite art, cooking, and now he has pursued it throughout a lifetime and all over world.  Tania picked up on the theme for our table topic session.  She asked most of the assembled to share their experiences learning how to cook and their sense of how cooking ought to fit into a complete life.  Sergei evaluated Graham’s speech, and Masha evaluated the table topics.  Mark, as he frequently does, served expertly as grammarian.

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