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Art-Talkers is a part of the Toastmasters International, Club # 891042. Our objective to integrate the standards of Toastmasters International (see http://www.toastmasters.org) with our own unique program, which is focused on different kinds of creative arts: painting, photography, sculpture, theater, dance, music, literature, etc. We aspire to satisfy the intellectual needs of the Ukrainian cultural elite, which we believe include the ability to converse and make speeches in English.TM logotype



Art-Talkers gives everyone an opportunity to:

  • Develop their public speaking skills in English (foreigners may occasionally deliver talks in Russian and Ukrainian),
  • Be active in the creative arts, to obtain and exchange knowledge with experts, and to discuss art-related topics,
  • Become better acquainted with museums, galleries and exhibitions, and to be aware of other cultural activities,
  • Communicate with people of different professional, cultural and national backgrounds, and to exchange intellectual experiences,
  • Develop qualities required not only in public speaking but in everyday life; such as creativity, initiative, resourcefulness and the ability to think on your feet in impromptu speeches,
  • Create teamwork among people who inspire each other to believe in themselves and have confidence in their abilities.



Innovative rather than classical,

Experimental rather than bound by stereotypes,

Unusual rather than ordinary, –

Welcome to our club to make sure that these words are about us!



To keep your talents working, you should become ART-TALKER!


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