About Toastmasters


Toastmasters is an international organization, founded a century ago in the United States.


Meetings at Toastmasters clubs worldwide follow the same hour to hour and a half format. Usually three members give seven minute prepared speeches in English.   Speakers choose their own topics; each speech develops a different skill such as gesturing, vocal variety, or the use of visual aids. The next phase calls on members (and sometimes guests) to think on their feet, giving two minute responses to impromptu questions posed by a “Table Topics” master.


We wrap up the meeting by having evaluators provide constructive criticism of both prepared and impromptu presentations. Additional evaluators listen to every presentation for grammar and fluency, and a third reports on actual versus budgeted time.


Ukrainian clubs hold combined activities throughout the year. The high point is our springtime speech contest, a competition to recognize the best public speakers in the country. We often get together for fun: picnics when it is warm and holidays when it is cold. Toastmasters is a wonderful place to learn, to make friends, and to enjoy yourself.



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