ArtTalkers within the Toastmasters community

 Logo of Art-Talkers Club

The ArtTalkers club was born on January 13, 2006 with a small group of people, many still active, who will remain forever in its memory: Yulia Usova, Olga Pogorelova, Alexey Kononets, Tatyana Kniazeva, Jane Kohan, Veronika Begun and Roman Kiselyov. 

We count among our club friends Levon Petrosian, Gleb Krivenko, Sergei Grebenyuk, Artem Okhruschak, Anna Primakova and Viktor Fursov, and among our respectful mentors Olga Pogorelova, Viktor Koszarny and Alexey Kononets. 

In our club people use their leisure time for self-improvement and self education.  We improve our knowledge of English and of the world of arts simultaneously.  By talking about painting, sculpture, music, theater and other arts we learn how to enjoy and appreciate them.  We believe that knowledge of the arts remains the mark of a cultured person today as much as ever. 

A summer meeting in the gardens at Kiev Mohyla  Academy


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